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Clergy Health
Curator Doug Hanner
Youth Ministry
Curator Kara Faris
Challenges in Youth Ministry
Curator Mark Oestreicher
Relationships in Ministry
Curator Kate White
Mental Health Ministries
This organization provides resources to help congregations become more caring and supportive of people and families living with mental illness, such as DVDs and downloadable resources.
web resource
What is Health Ministry?
This web resource is a clear and helpful explanation of what health ministry is, why faith communities need to be engaged in health ministry, the value of health ministry to people in faith communities, and how health ministry can work in a congregation.
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Community Health Ministry Viewpoints – Parish Nursing
This web resource provides a video which explains the importance of parish nurses, portrays clergy persons expressing their appreciation for the work of a parish nurse, and also shows how that work enriches the congregation overall.
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God's Work through Parish Nursing
This web resource offers a video that, through movement, image and music, portrays the beautifully expressed work of parish nursing which can serve as a brief introduction to parish nursing and health ministry as well as a contemplative means of encouragement and inspiration for those already engaged in such work.
Medical Emergency Preparation
This article argues for a health ministry team that can be integrated into the congregation and provides suggestions for how to do so.
Church Health Reader
The quarterly Church Health Reader recognizes the challenge of maintaining spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being in a world of stress, violence, confusing value systems and social turmoil and offers practical, timely instruction and helpful options.
Parish Nursing – A New, Yet Old Model of Care
This article describes the purpose, roles, and place of the parish nurse within the life and ministry of a faith community.
Comfort My People - A Policy Statement on Serious Mental Illness with Study Guide
Written by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness of the Presbyterian Church, this study guide details 16 practical recommendations for ministry to and with people living with serious mental illnesses.
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Health and Wellness
This website, provided by the Union for Reform Judaism, offers helpful information and resources about a variety of health issues.
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Rest Ministries
This website serves as a clearinghouse, giving information and support to chronically ill persons through an on-line community, daily devotionals, and articles on a variety of topics, such as What Churches Should Know, Learning to Cope, and A Brighter Outlook.
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