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Is Your Older Adult Ministry Effective? An Easy Assessment Tool for Gauging the Effectiveness of Older Adult Ministry in Your Church
This self-assessment tool helps leaders measure their congregation's capacity for reaching seniors through service.
Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life
This resource sheds light on the rich rewards of a life that is filled with failure, arguing that failure is the only way up.
Ageless Faith: A Weekly Podcast
This podcast presents a weekly 30-minute broadcast addressing an issue of practical importance to older adults and their congregations.
Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life: 7 Gateways to Spiritual Growth
Written by senior adult experts, this resource points to seven paths to a flourishing old age while drawing from scripture, the authors' experiences, and wisdom from mystics and other spiritual forebears.
web resource
National Caregivers Library: Caregiving Ministries
The National Caregivers Library website, created and maintained by FamilyCare America, Inc., provides a wealth of information and resources on the issues and needs related to caregivers engaged in caring for the elderly, specifically, the Caregiving Ministries” section of this site provides a number of ministry modules that detail information for congregations on how to plan, implement, sustain and assess these ministries.
Faith Formation with Baby Boomers
This article examines current research on the faith and attitudes of boomers and identifies important implications for ministry.
Living Fully, Dying Well Planning Kit: A Study for Small Groups
This DVD invites viewers to adopt a perspective of later life that is both practical and hopeful.
web resource
Welcoming the Elderly
In this web resource, churchman and legal expert David Middlebrook suggests a number of fixes that can make a difference in the quality of older persons’ experience of congregational life.
How to Care for the Elderly Without Putting them at Risk of Coronavirus
In this article, the chief medical officer at AARP offers advice for common COVID-19 questions and how to support elderly loved ones.
web resource
Next Avenue: Where Grownups Keep on Growing
This website, by National Public Radio’ s Next Avenue, is a one-stop shop for information and tools aimed at senior adults and those who care for them.
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