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This article identifies the foundation of the missional church, outlining six characteristics that explore what missional churches do, how they do it, and why.

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Written by a liscensed mental health counselor, this article outlines treatment options, tools for self-soothing, and skills for enhancing safety for individuals struggling with trauma and...

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This book outlines forms of political-theological orentiation in the Black church. Then the author suggests how to mobilize interfaith coalitions that promote "poverty alleviation, racial...

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This resource combines theology and practical suggestions to make a case for practical wisdom, which is "grounded in ordinaary experience, and learned over time in the company of others and for...

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This book draws from the author's experience in reconciliation work around the world, offering inspiration and tools for readers to resolve conflict, whether it be interpersonal or...

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This brief video from PBS looks at the challenges and opporuntities that arise when the pastor has a second job.

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This resource offers practical suggestions to engage volunteers for youth minstry.

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This practical resource offers suggestions and examples to help readers enhance their listening skills and narrow the communication gap, looking at various communication methods.

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This organization promotes faith-based ministries for people with mental illnesses and their families through educational and networking resources and increased aweareness.

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This comprehensive guide looks at spiritual abuse by clergy and lay leaders through a lens of scholarly literature, interviews, and scripture to provide a deeper understanding of the topic and...

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