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This book provides research on the success of short-term mission trips and concludes that they can be beneficial for everyone involved if the trip is well planned and creatively led.

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The Church of the Nazarene provides a variety of resources for congregational stewardship activities.

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If you are looking for a way for your congregation to not just study the Bible more, but to engage it more deeply, then this resource might be a good starting place for you. The work of Scripture...

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Although its primary focus of activity is the Bay Area and Southern California, Bend the Arc also joins forces with other human rights organizations to promote social justice in the United States....

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Transform Network is a missional network of progressive and committed Christians which seeks to foster collective action for social justice. It is multi-denominational, multiracial, and located in...

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This book for associate staff encourages growth and well-being, focusing on four areas: personal, relational, professional, and church leadership support.

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The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) is a leading national public policy organization sponsored by the Department of Health Policy and Management, Mailman School of Public Health at...

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This free download provides checklists and tools to proactively manage your congregation's facilities, creating a preventive maintenance system. Use this e-book with the in-depth manual...

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This resource outlines the importance of initiating difficult conversations, providing tips on how to do so and offering advice for specific topics situations like having a difficult...

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This informative book analyzes the Roman Catholic Church's response to racism in America, looking at historical documents and statements before suggesting moves that would provide a "more...

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