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Large empty houses

Written for clergy and lay leaders who are considering closing their doors, this resource offers an adaptable decision making process and steps towards providing closure.

Large bridges 15

This resource contains various sessions and activity options to help facilitate conversations between parents and children on a variety of important topics.

Large the circle way

This resource provides the history and basics of The Circle Way, a structure of conversation that can be used to collaborate and make decisions.

Large building type basics worship

Here architect Nicholas Roberts provides an ecumenical and inter-faith resource that is specifically designed to address the preplanning and early construction questions and needs of congregations...

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Large the way of discernment leaders

This leader's guide goes hand-in-hand with "Way of Discernment, Participant Guide." It equips leaders to explore the process of discernment as a way to seek direction in mission discovery.

Large a parliamentary guide

This guide explains how to efficiently govern assembly gatherings.

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This study-discussion guide provided by The Parish Paper offers solutions to internal conflicts and includes examples of how individuals can limit divisions.

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This book calls for new leadership skills and non-linear change for congregations to navigate the rapidly changing culture in America.

Large records retention schedule

This template provides processes to inventory, retain and dispose of business records.

Large relating to contractors

This two-page guide from congregational experts offers commonsense tips and tools to get the relationship and project off to a solid start and proceed to a satisfactory finish.

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