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Large being the church in a multi ethnic community

This book advocates for the use of the term multi-ethnic, exploring a variety of multi-ethnic models.

Large church growth services2

Church Growth Services is a church-focused consultancy with over 50 years of experience assisting congregations with fundraising and capital campaigns. They emphasize a “Stewardship of Life”...

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Unfortunately, every congregation is impacted at some time, in some way, by traumatic events, either directly or indirectly. In order to respond promptly and appropriately, religious and lay...

Large spiritual disciplines handbook

This reference book on Christian spiritual disciplines for congregations and individuals offers infomation about specific spiritual practices, creative exercises, and applications to practice...

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Large latino protestants in america

Based on a study of various congregations and Latino Protestants, this resource details an accurate view of Latino Protestantism in America today.

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This resource demonstrates how to facilitate spiritual growth through "adventurous discipleship," such as challenge courses and rock-climbing.

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This article will help growing congregations identify new needs due to their size and how to solve them.

Large multi site churches

This resource tackles the "why" behind multisite churches and addresses several relevant topics while providing a summary of the different types of multisite congregations.

Large multi site church road trip

This book takes readers to various multisite churches, highlighting dynamics unique to multisite ministry.

Large multisite churches are here and here
Web resource

This blog post discusses facts, figures, and concerns related to multisite congregations.

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