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Thumb guide for developing high quality emergency operations
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Many people think of a house of worship as a safe area. Yet violent acts, fires, tornados,...

Thumb transition plan

“What can I do or say to the congregation that will help you with your future leadership?” After...

Thumb the art of powerful questions

Today many business and congregational leaders are discovering the invaluable practice of asking...

Thumb world cafe

Technology may have made connecting with people around the world easy, but many of us know that...

Thumb positive change for congregations

Far more than “happy talk,” positive change processes refer to a series of techniques and tools...

Thumb a pastors toolbox

Sometimes, to do great things, a congregation needs to get its own house in order. Paul Holmes, a...

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Thumb starting new initiatives

A key role of congregational governance is to serve as a “steward of the mission.” Yet, too...

Thumb ministry architects

Youth ministry with staying power has a clearly defined mission and vision, and it engages the...

Thumb tag

Thankfully, there are many fine congregational consultants. Finding the right fit for your...

Thumb parish evaluation project

Based in Milwaukee and affiliated with the United States Catholic Conference, the Parish...

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