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There are a lot of books about church growth and church health, but few about what it means for a...

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Conversations abound in congregations. Over coffee, at evening meetings, via email; in some ways...

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Job and committee descriptions are a critical link between a congregation’s vision and strategic...

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Timely and appropriate care of their sacred space helps congregations keep the focus on mission...

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Sometimes, numbers do help. This resource will provide you with data. It is the website for the...

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The Leadership Network began in 1984 with a group of 20 that wanted the church to have deeper...

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Readers have been offered many titles by Timothy Keller over the past few years. Keller is the...

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Hayim Herring is the author of the 2012 book Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today. He is also a...

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This is a short article about how to plan a “Miracle Sunday”, a special offering that takes place...

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This article captures the thinking of Rabbi Sid Schwarz concerning the challenges facing...