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Large the other philadelphia story

Based on an interfaith research study of more than 1,300 Philadelphia-based congregations, this resource examines the social service needs that congregations in the area fullfil.

Large insights into compassionate congregation

This article provides concrete suggestions for congregations seeking to become more involved in social outreach.

Large sojourners

This organization has a magazine, events, and online resources for congregations to learn about faith in action for social justice. Topics include immigration, poverty and budget, women and...

Large justice seeking congregation

This book approaches social justice work with a balance of idealism and realism.

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Large the power of positive deviance vid

This YouTube video describes key principles of positive deviance and tells stories of how positive deviance has been used effectively to solve challenges around the world.

Large leading congregations nonprofits connected world

This book proposes a different conceptual framework based on understanding social networks for connecting purpose, people, and activities to increase the impact of congregations.

Large mission possible media

This board game empowers teams to tackle problems by generating creative solutions, drawing on congregational assets and teamwork.

Large doing justice

This resource looks at community organizing at the congregational level, encouraging congregations to take their commitment to social justice to the next level.

Large transform

This missional network provides workshops, a national gathering, and online resources focused on social justice issues and urban transformation.

Large bend the arc

This organization mobilizes Jewish resources to promote social justice within the United States, including hosting a leadership training program.

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