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October 19, 2016

Congregational Vitality

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January 24, 2018

Congregational Vitality

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February 28, 2018

Congregational Renewal, Congregational Vitality, Spirituality

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“The Mission of the Church Growth Network is to assist churches and Christian leaders to reach their greatest effectiveness in finding, keeping, and building people.” The Network’s training is done...

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Bishop Hilliard’s experience in shepherding a strong growing congregation in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, has led to this book of guidance for church growth. While written from an African American...

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Church marketing professional Richard Reising’s premise is that “Marketing is part of the infrastructure” of the church, saying “it is the steel beams that hold up the walls.” Reising defines...

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Christian psychiatrist and author Curt Thompson is highly respected in Christian circles for his lectures and writings which integrate faith and behavioral science. The YouTube lecture...

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“Superficiality is the curse of our age.” And, so begins this Christian classic, originally published in 1998, by Quaker pastor and spiritual formation pioneer Richard Foster. Hailed by many as the...

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“While nice facilities won't cause your church to grow, poor facilities can prevent it from growing.” In this brief article, a veteran teacher and church growth expert urges congregations to look...

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Church leaders facing a prolonged plateau of growth and wondering what to do will find Alice Mann’s book, Raising the Roof, a gift of hope. Mann, at the time a Senior Consultant with the Alban...

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Over time there have been strong advocates of the multisite church growth model, and there have been vocal critics. Veterans of the Louisville, Kentucky area Sojourn Community Church (“One church....

Large myth of the 200

More than one clergy person has remarked, “We get to 200 then the next year we are back down to 160 in worship. Why is this happening?” There is something about the 200 barrier. This book takes...

Large latino protestants in america

Read this book for an accurate view of Latino Protestantism and learn about vibrant congregational life in the United States. Researchers from three different colleges interviewed and observed...

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