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Large working preacher
Web resource

Working Preacher is a website from Luther Seminary focused on preaching, and because the emphasis is on resources for the pastor who preaches in a local congregation, it is practical,...

Large the social church

This book provides perspective on social media from the viewpoint of Martin Luther and how congregational leaders can make sense out of new platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Large cultivating sent comm

Composed by a variety of contributors, this book examines spiritual formation from the missional church perspective, giving readers a clearer idea of the purpose behind a missional church.

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Web resource

This website includes Luther Seminary’ s extensive online database of stewardship resources.

Large first third of center
Web resource

First Third is a web resource based on a national congregational study entitled Exemplary Youth Ministry (EYM), completed in 2003, which explores the question, what are the marks of effective...

Large festival homiletics

This conference offers extensive workshop options, speakers, and lectures focused on examining and celebrating the practices of preaching and worship.

Large leading congregations nonprofits connected world

This book proposes a different conceptual framework based on understanding social networks for connecting purpose, people, and activities to increase the impact of congregations.

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Web resource

This website provides two portals visitors can enter, “Introducing the Reformation” and “Resources for Deeper Study", each provides a range of information in a variety of...

Large life together

Influenced by the author's experience as part of Finkenwalde Seminary, an underground seminary that defied Nazi nationalism, this book is a reflection on true community centered around Christ. ...

Large center for pastoral excellence

This organization offers a variety of programs for congregational leaders, including being a major resource center for renewal programs and applications.

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