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This easy to follow guide contains helpful information relating to congregational and nonporfit taxes, including how to maintain tax exempt status and accounting of charitable gifts.

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Created by the IRS, this booklet helps congregations ensure their compliance with the current federal tax code.

Large nonprofit bookkeeping

This user-friendly guide simplifies bookkeeping and accounting, and outlines the basic processes behind balancing the books and creating financial statements.

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This surprisingly user-friendly section of the Internal Revenue Service website offers useful information for congregations seeking to clarify their nonprofit status and the related legal...

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Focused on African-American congregations, this resource identifies the five forms of political-theological orentiations in the Black church and notes how socioeconomic status might shape a...

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Into the highly charged national immigration debate comes this bible-based film by and for communities of faith. The 42-minute video puts a human face on immigration. It features the stories of...

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This is an association of state offices charged with the oversight of charitable organizations and charitable solicitation. Since the requirements and procedures for forming charitable...

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This book examines the aging population and its relationship to congregations through a cultural, historical, and biblical lens, exploring how the elderly lost their status within the church and...

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Written for clergy and lay leaders who are considering closing their doors, this resource offers an adaptable decision making process and steps towards providing closure.

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Independent congregations and other non-profit organizations, especially those of evangelical commitments, can find in the ECFA an accrediting agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn...

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