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The formative pwr of congregations 220x220
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Many elements make you the person you are. You are shaped by your race, your geographic location, and your genetic structure. Your personality is formed by your family,...

Faith and money 218x220
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When I was young, I went to worship with my parents and six siblings. My stepfather prepared our offering envelopes the evening before worship. He placed a dollar in each envelope.

At the...

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Large creating culture validation ad

What does it mean to practice validation in your congregation? How can an “affirming disposition” increase your congregation’s ability to trust one another and try new things? In this article from...

Large lives entrusted

Experience and education have shown author and seminary instructor Barbara Blodgett that trust is transactional, a part of all human exchanges. Blodgett further believes that trust is not nurtured...

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Is your congregation helping people live meaningful lives? The question of vocation “To what is God calling me?” is at the heart of religious life. The Collegeville Institute at St. John’s School...

Large revitalizing

The African-American Church was once considered integral to the community. Those in the post-Civil Rights Era often don’t even think about the church. Douglas Powe, E. Stanley Jones Professor of...

Large scientists in congregations
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This website, emerging from a grant program of the John Templeton Foundation, provides a wealth of multimedia educational materials to encourage congregational dialogue exploring the coexistence of...

Large blessed are the crazy

Congregational leaders, counselors, individuals with mental illness, and those close to someone with mental illness, will find the Rev. Dr. Lund’s faith-and-life testimony sobering and encouraging....

Large ferguson faith

Practical theologian, Gunning Francis, presents the frontline testimony of young activists and local clergy who joined forces (often serendipitously) in the wake of Michael Brown’s shooting death...

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