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The purpose of youth ministry is to foster the personal development of faith, theology and relationships for young people ages 6th-12th grades. This usually happens through a variety of lessons,...

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Your congregation is likely working on something new right now. You may be exploring the possibility of a youth mission trip. Or maybe your finance team wants to take an entirely new approach to...

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Sometimes funds are scarce. God has created the world abundant with water, trees, blue skies and people we love. Though we have what we need, we don't have everything. In congregations, this lack...

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Large sustainable youth ministry

Mark DeVries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects, gives congregations struggling with youth ministry new hope and careful direction. He begins with a statement of the problem often found in youth...

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Organizing training materials and events for youth leaders is one thing; getting leaders to attend is a whole other challenge. But what if you had the materials and could personalize them and take...

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Mayward’s integrated and insightful understanding of movie criticism, theology, philosophy, and youth ministry comes together to create a smart and useful resource for Christian youth leaders,...

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The most important investment a congregation can make in its next youth pastor is taking the time and energy to carry out a top-notch search. This book by veteran youth leaders and consultants...

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“Our mission is for urban youth to have the leaders and role models they need to live lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Youth workers serving in at-risk settings will find training...

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Topics and trends in youth ministry from Holy Week devotional videos to a discussion on dangerous phone apps, leaders will find content that is informative, inspirational or practical - or all...

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Effective and lasting youth ministries are characterized by a number of things: They partner with parents as the primary faith incubators of their children. They rely on leadership teams rather...

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Youth leaders will find research-based thinking and practices to enrich their leadership and programs. Experienced practitioners provide blogs, articles, recommended resources and an interactive...

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Powell, executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Seminary, and Griffin, FYI associate director, provide a map for youth leaders to move from the common...

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Relational youth ministry at its most authentic is not a means of influencing young people. It is a caring presence in their lives. Youth ministry expert and parent, Andrew Root, calls this...

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