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This book focuses on the concept of evangelism --- its challenges, the reason for doing it, and stories of churches who do it effectively. This resource is for congregations looking for an...

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“Servant Evangelism” is a website and blog that contains the wisdom of Steve Sjogren. He draws on his 15 years as pastor of a Cincinnati based Vineyard congregation. The kind of evangelism that...

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Congregations interested in cultivating a greater sense of evangelical identity may find this ecumenical resource to be of help in the week-to-week consideration of outreach and sharing the gospel....

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What are the unique challenges and opportunities in the African American faith community regarding questions of evangelism and outreach? Baptist pastor Paulette Thompson-Clinton addresses four...

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What income bracket shares their faith most frequently? The answer is those who earn less than $39,000 annually. That is what a 2013 Barna Group report on evangelism reported. This blog won’t...

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EvangelismCoach is committed to providing congregations with all the tools and strategies they need to train and send Christian evangelists to fulfill the Great Commission. They offer a variety of...

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The singular focus of this by-monthly, non-denominational magazine for Christian churches is clear. It covers many of the numerous aspects related to Christian outreach to the local and worldwide...

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Evangelicals from around the country converge for this 3-day conference to “reimagine evangelism in the local setting”. The annual event, sponsored by the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College,...

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Making a great first impression can depend on whether first-time visitors see signs of facility uncleanliness or neglect. In this brief blog post, a church facility expert argues for paying...

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Recently elected Pope Francis makes headlines wherever he goes and by whatever he says, and his ideas on Roman Catholics and evangelism are no exception. Theology professor Regis Martin quotes the...

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