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Working with youth

Youth Ministry fosters the personal development of faith, theology and relationships for young people in 6th-12th grades.

  • Devote financial and human resources as a priority to nurture your young people.
  • Equip youth to use their faith as a lens for making life plans and decision-making.
  • Incorporate young people into congregational leadership and the planning process.
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Small changes, big impact

You can make subtle changes to integrate youth into the fabric of your congregation. Recruit adults to connect with the youth and build intergenerational relationships. Assign meaningful and appropriate roles of responsibility. These responsibilities could be mowing the lawn, assisting in worship or serving in the nursery. Small changes over time will help youth ministry become a natural part...

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Large sustainable youth ministry

Mark DeVries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects, gives congregations struggling with youth ministry new hope and careful direction. He begins with a statement of the problem often found in youth...

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This excellent video shares the devastation and grief of family members as they tell their stories and experiences. Their diversity of situations helps to give understanding to the ways grief is...

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Meaningful youth ministry that transforms lives in today’s world requires constant assessment and ability to make adjustments that meet real-time challenges. The adoptive approach advocates that...

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Five youth ministry practitioners describe their unique perspectives and critique one another’s in this thought-provoking volume. For example, Greg Stier discusses his “Gospel Advancing Ministry”...

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Large the indispensable youth pastor

This timely book is for youth ministers and those seeking youth ministry jobs. Mark DeVries and co-author Jeff Dunn-Rankin know their stuff. They are known and respected youth ministry consultants...

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Much has been written in recent years about the shift from "modernity" to "postmodernity." This shift has brought with it many instances of radical and swift change, as well as many questions....

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Are the conversations youth ministers have about young people and social technology moving beyond assessing the negatives and toward understanding deeper needs for relational connections, often...

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Mark DeVries has been a youth minister long enough to know a thing or two about the pitfalls of youth ministry. In this brief and visually pleasing e-book, the founder of Ministry Architects...

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Mayward’s integrated and insightful understanding of movie criticism, theology, philosophy, and youth ministry comes together to create a smart and useful resource for Christian youth leaders,...

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Given the prevailing challenges that youth and the congregations who love them face on a daily basis, how can congregations help their young people not only survive, but thrive? Centered in Hope ...

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