More Books
Critical Minds and Discerning Hearts: A Spirituality of Multicultural Teaching
Written by a professor of ministry and pastoral theology, this resource argues that providing a hospitable environment is key to creating an effective multicultural learning space for students.
Christian Education in the African American Church: A Guide for Teaching Truth
This book focuses on providing a Christian education for African Americans, equipping congregations with an educational strategy in addition to insight on learning styles, developmental stages in learners, and curriculum.
The New Breed: Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer
This resource argues that 21 century volunteers are different, and thus, congregations must adapt a different mindset in order to engage, recruit, and empower today's volunteers.
Teaching Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Learning and Teaching
This resource combines anecdotes, information, and explanations to equip teachers with the tools needed to create effective learning environments.
LifeKeys Discovery Workbook: Discover Who You Are
This workbook is filled with exercises and reflection questions to help readers discover their spiritual gifts and passions.
Discover Your Conflict Management Style
This resource will help the reader identify their conflict management tendencies before zooming out and revealing how those tendencies play out in larger congregational conflict, offering options for responding to conflict and how to resolve problems.
Born of Water, Born of Spirit: Supporting the Ministry of the Baptized in Small Congregations
This resource reveals the potential for collaborative ministry within small congregations and considers theology, leadership, and the foundations of church, faith, and ministry.
Advanced Strategic Planning: A 21st-Century Model for Church and Ministry Leaders
This book emphasizes the importance of planning to carry out a mission, breaking down strategic planning into a four-fold process.
Shaping Spiritual Leaders: Supervision and Formation in Congregations
This resource re-frames how readers see supervisory relationships within the congregation, arguing that supervision can be used as a tool to help others develop their leadership and ministry skills.
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