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Curator Aaron Spiegel
Technology for Virtual Congregational Life
Curator Kate White
Discerning God's Will Together: A Spiritual Practice for the Church
This resource explores the step-by-step process of discernment as a way for congregations to make spiritually-based decisions.
Holy Conversations: Strategic Planning as a Spiritual Practice for Congregations
This book of practical tools turns strategic planning into "holy conversations" guided by three critical questions.
Spiritual Leadership in a Secular World
This practical article offers four tips to balance the challenges of being a spiritual leader in a secular world.
web resource
Spirituality and Practice
This web resource, Spirituality and Practice, was created to celebrate and support the axis of all world religions and spiritual paths - the intersection of spirituality and practice.
A Spirituality of Fundraising Workbook Edition
This workbook provides instruction and space for reflection on the "why” and "how” of church fundraising in order to sustain a healthy ministry.
Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices that Can Transform Your Life and Relationships
This book explores neuroscience and faith from the perspective of a Christian psychiatrist.
The Transforming Center
This organization offers retreats for Christian leaders focused on spiritual formation themes and practices, spiritual disciplines, and nurturing one's inner self. The program includes nine retreats over a two year period.
When Leadership and Spiritual Direction Meet: Stories and Reflections for Congregational Life
This resource challenges leaders to cultivate a new kind of leadership --- one that relies on the ancient practices related to spiritual direction.
The Way of Discernment, Participant's Guide (Companions in Christ)
This study guide engages small groups in a 10-week consideration of discernment, helping congregational groups determine where the spirit of Christ might lead them.
Center for Action and Contemplation
This organization provides online resources for individuals and congregations to learn and engage in contemplative practice and compassionate action.
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