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Church Websites
Curator the CRG Team
web resource
What Makes a Good Church Website?
This blog highlights important considerations to make when designing a website.
web resource
Church Tech Today: Technology for Today's Church
This website views technology as a vehicle for congregations to communicate and also shares the latest tips and advice for practitioners.
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Designing Your Congregation's Website
This report shares advice from several congregations who reevaluated their web presence, updated an existing website, or created a new one- either by DIY or hiring a web designer.
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Communities of Calling Website
The Collegeville Institute at St. John’ s School of Theology offers resources and programs to help people think about their individual callings (to people, places and work).
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Web-Empowered Ministry: Connecting With People through Websites, Social Media, and More
This comprehensive guide frames the internet as a powerful took to share, teach, and connect people with Jesus and provides tools for congregations to start a web ministry.
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Don't Make Me Think Revisited: A Common-Sense Approach to Web and Mobile Usability
This book draws upon the expertise of a web usability professional and provides instructions on how to make a website as user-friendly as possible, with examples.
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Servant Evangelism
This website and blog focuses on evangelism based on kindness.
web resource
Pro Church Tools
This hub for digital media provides training, tutorials and free templates and tools for congregations.
book book
Reaching Out in a Networked World: Expressing Your Congregation's Heart and Soul
This book underlines the importance of a congregation's ability to communicate their values, principles, missions, and goals.
organization organization Updated
This website provides tools and strategies to train and send evangelists to fulfill the Great Commission.
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