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Effective Church Finances: Fund-Raising and Budgeting for Church Leaders
This book will help churches attain future financial stability and offers a process for initiating practives that support ministry and lead to healthier congregations.
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Emerging Worship: Creating Worship Gatherings for New Generations
This resource uses theory and practices to counter the "restlessness" among young people in relationship to the church, specifically worship practices.
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Emotional Intelligence and the Church
This book presents Emotional Intelligence as a tool for church growth and development, describing scenarios where congregational leaders have applied Emotional Intelligence to yield impactful results.
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Empowering Laity, Engaging Leaders: Tapping the Root for Ministry
This practical resource gives readers helpful approaches and suggestions for engaging laity in congregational leadership, and would be helpful for Christian congregations that struggle with finding and keeping lay leaders.
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Entering Wonderland: A Toolkit for Pastors New to a Church
This resource is written for pastors in a new congregation, helping them assess trust level, learning how to deal with difficult behavior, and how to best get to know parishioners.
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Essential Guide to Employment Issues for Church Boards
This resource uses an ethical and legal perspective to examine common and difficult employment issues church boards may face.
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Facilitation Skills for Ministry
This resource combines the knowledge and expertise of the three authors to form a comprehensive guide on facilitation and how it can be implemented in a ministry setting.
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Facing Decline, Finding Hope: New Possibilities for Faithful Churches
This book offers solutions for congregations who hope to grow a vibrant faith community despite declining resources and attendance, addressing potential challenges and questions you may have about change.
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Facing Feelings in Faith Communities
This resource notes the importance of congregations being emotionally competent and provides insight into six basic feelings so that congregations can build more authentic relationships.
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